Sunday, February 22, 2009

"Lucky" Talks

What would your favorite furry companion tell you about life if those barks and meows could be turned into words? We try to interpret their sounds and nudges all the time and often wish there was a special decoder for those moments when a little indication of how they really feel would be very helpful.

We at Central Veterinary Emergency Services often feel the same way! The Doctors and Technicians that work with animals every day have learned the significance of a few of the signs, and behavioral medicine certainly has taught us a lot, but we are a long way from knowing just what is going on in those cute heads.

What we have learned is that many everyday things around the house, or in the backyard, can be very dangerous to pets. If "Lucky" could talk we would be warned that his friend "Fido" or "Fluffy" had to spend a night in the ER after ingesting too much of a good thing.

So this blog, "Lucky" Talks, is a message from the dog and cat world to their people about the things in homes that should have a warning sign attached and what to do if exposed.

I certainly can't cover every scenario and I don't for a minute suppose that you can diagnose your pets condition by the limited information available in this blog. If ever you are concerned about your pets behavior and possible illness please call your Veterinarian; or if you are in our area come see us for care by our Emergency Vets.

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