Monday, December 28, 2009

New Year = New You...and "Lucky" Too!

Are you looking ahead to the New Year with some goals in mind? Perhaps the idea of weight loss or increased exercise is on your list. Before embarking on your new routine consider making the task more fun by adding "Lucky" to your plans. What better encouragement could you ask for?

According to AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association), a 2008 study by the Association for Pet Obesity and Prevention showed that more than 44% of dogs in America are considered overweight - about 33 million. If your dog is part of the statistic, now is the time to get him moving.

AAHA has created a tool for a 2010 New Year's Resolution for you and your pet to resolve to get in shape. A signature and a paw print mark your commitment to a healthy new year. To download your own copy just click over to the AAHA website .

There are lots more health and fitness tips for you and your dog in Dogs Lose Lbs! You Win!, also available through AAHA. To order your own copy click here.

While on the AAHA site you might also spend some time on the website for fun and useful information for all pet owners.

Happy New Year!

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