Sunday, October 17, 2010

Halloween From Your Pet's Perspective

Halloween is a fun time of year, especially for kids and many pet owners who consider their pets to be their kids. While it's great to go all out for the holiday and have fun with dressing up and decorating, there are some aspects about the event that need a little oversight.

Dr. Pointer with the ASPCA gives some great tips to keep your pets safe this Halloween. Dr. Pointer covers things like pet costumes, candy, and proper identification. You may have heard these before, but perhaps you have recently adopted, or purchased, a new pet and this is your first Halloween. Watch the video for ways to keep your "Lucky" safe.

Remember, how you view Halloween and how your pet perceives the holiday are very different. The costumes, constant doorbell ringing, candy smells and burning candles can be very unsettling to even the most friendly dog or cat. Keep that in mind as you look for your favorite costume for this Halloween.

Trick-or treat!

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